A flavorful slice of life, Sun State’s Fruit Slice CBD gummies are packed with refreshing

flavors and cannabidiol.


Looking for a bit of variety? Fruit Slice CBD gummies are here to give it to you! With five different

fruity flavors, these gummies will never cease surprising your taste buds. Refreshing and chewy,

each bite hits your palate with waves of oranges, lemons, grapes, and more. Where Sun State

gummy candies differ from traditional gummy candies is our inclusion of organic CBD hemp oil, as

well as a variety of other ingredients designed to help promote a sense of calm and overall



CBD gummies are made with ingredients derived from organic CBD oil and are perfect for on-the-

go, convenient dosing. Make your life a little more sweet by adding Sun State Gummies to your diet!

Sun State Fruit Slices 1500mg

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